As part of the “Cineculture” project, funded by the INTERREG IPA Cross Border Cooperation Programme with the Republic of Greece, signs have been placed at 10 locations in Bitola, speaking about the rich cultural and historical heritage of the city.
At the Old Theater location, by using a QR code on the sign placed, tourists in the city have the opportunity to look the Old Theater around and get acquainted with its former appearance with an interactive virtual walk. Also, it remains an eternal memory for generations remembering this building as part of their lives, and recalling beautiful memories. Younger generations, with the help of new technologies, will be able to explore the past.
In addition to the Old Theater interactive and virtual presentation developed, 3D models were made for the former pub “Balkan”, the “Pharmacy of Achil Calovski” and Hadzi Mahmud Bey Mosque. 3D models illustrate “revival” of all significant buildings of the past.
Signs are placed at all four locations, leading to models developed, description of their historical significance, as well as their great present value. In addition to 3D models and textual description of buildings, there is Macedonian and English audio, available for any interested subject. There is also a free WiFi network at these locations, so that visitors can freely connect and enjoy the walk through the cultural and historical treasure at any time.
Signs marking the most important buildings were displayed today at the Manaki Cinema, the Bezisten (Covered Bazaar), the Magaza (Gallery), the Clock Tower, the Old Bazaar and the Officers’ House.
Each visitor gets the opportunity to get acquainted with details of the historical story of each of the above 10 objects in a very simple way, using the new technologies, such as mobile phone, tablet, etc.
The “Cineculture” project not only promotes the cultural and historical heritage, but contributes to the development of cultural tourism and also economic benefit of the city, by creating new jobs for people who will manage the Cinema, the Tourist Info Center, and also for the catering and hospitality sector, through increased number of tourists and visitors.