Digital reconstruction and presentation of Varosi with augmented reality application

A significant project for the promotion of Edessa architectural heritage is in progress referring to the digital reconstruction and presentation of Varosi, Edessa’s traditional neighborhood.

This is an innovative work which utilizes new technologies for the reconstruction of all traditional buildings of Varosi and their georeferenced positioning in the district’s digital map based on their documentation based by the available sources and archives. Immediately after the completion of the project within the next few months, the city’s residents and visitors will be able to walk through the streets of Varosi and see the district as it was several decades ago using the special augmented reality application installed in their smartphone or tablet. For the use of this application internet access is necessary, therefore the project foresees the installation of a WiFi network that will enable the free Internet access within the area of intertest.

The action is part of CINECULTURE project, in which the Municipality of Edessa participates as the Lead Beneficiary, funded by INTERREG Cross Border Cooperation Project.